Aglaonema Plant Care

> Type: INDOOR plant

  • Once the plant completely settles in the new pot, can be kept outdoor in semi shade occasionally for decor.
  • When newly potted, plant might look a little dry, but that is nothing to worry about. It is just adjusting to the new environment.
  • Once in a while keep the plant outside in fresh air if kept in a closed room.

> Watering: Good drainage in the soil is a must, no overwatering.

  • In winters, water half-a-cup once in 3-4 days (non-AC rooms) and in 6-8 days (AC rooms).
  • In summers, water half-a-cup once in 2 days (non-AC rooms) and in 4-5 days (AC rooms).
  • In rainy seasons and if plant is kept outside, make sure rain the water is not clogging in the pot.
  • Even if you are not able to water the plant for 2-3 weeks, it can survive. With adequate care, it has has the capacity to grow healthy again.

> Common concerns:

  • Leaves are turning brown shorty after receiving it – Don’t worry you plant is adjusting to the new environment.
  • Leaves or stems are turning mushy – You have been putting too much water. Do not water for few days, keep the plant outside in indirect sunlight for 2 days and control the water going forward.
  • Leaves are turning crisp fully yellow or brown – You have not been putting enough water.
  • Safe for pets? – It can be toxic for cats and dogs, must be kept away from the reach of pets.

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