Diwali Special
Diwali Special
Diwali Special

Diwali Special

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Gift plant to your family & friends this Diwali and make this occasion extremely special. Eco-friendly gifts are in trend this Diwali Season, so we have got a perfect plant tray to replicate your home and family.

Use the instructions and enjoy the experience of creating the whole plant tray with your whole family; everything you need is part of the gift box.

This includes:

  • Aglaonema and Sansevieria/Snake Plant plants
  • Ceramic pot 
  • Home with control to turn light on and off; batteries included
  • Miniature family with other accessories
  • 2 Diwali deepak
  • Customized premium potting mix
  • Miniature tools
  • Moss
  • Decoration Accessories

Try this kit to cultivate some love for plants in his young heart, which in return will make our home planet a better place to live in.